AC Induction Motors

To operate with polyphase alternating current we have the induction electric motors and while this induction motor is perhaps the simplest of the motors, from the point of view of operation dixon 200ydaaal and work, the theory of its operation is quite sophisticated. The induction-repulsion motors are so called because their starting torque depends on the repulsion between the rotor and the stator, and their torque while in operation depends on the induction. These motors have a high starting torque.

Squirrel cage-type rotor motors can be used with single-phase alternating current using various inductance and capacitance devices that change the characteristics of single-phase voltage and practice it as biphasic. They do not have a pair of large starters and use repulsion-induction motors for applications where torque is required. These types of motors are called multiphase motors or capacitor motors, depending on the devices they use, but are equipped with a manual or automatic switch that allows current to flow between the switch brushes when starting the engine, and the short circuits of all segments of the commutator, after the motor has reached a critical speed.