Biphasic Motors

Asymmetrical two-phase electric motors have greater versatility and can be manufactured with the same power for both three-phase motors and single-phase motors. The biphasic motors with return have some interesting characteristics that impose advantages on the single-phase electric motors, for example, it has simple manufacturing that is similar to the three-phase motor, have low cost (absence of auxiliary instruments of start or operation), TIMKEN 471341 here best prices have presence of (without equipment assistance for starting), have a greater ease of handling (grants change in direction of rotation by simple inversion of the sequence of phases) and are easier to maintain.

With the installation of the biphasic asymmetric motor in the urban zone we would solve the problems of energy waste because of the greater energy efficiency, which is proven by the conservation of energy, that is, we would directly affect the amount of reactive power in the distribution network, which is particularly related to single-phase induction motors with a single-value or two-value permanent capacitor, since the accuracy of higher energy efficiency among single-phase motors is associated with the use of a permanent capacitor.