Contacts closed and open

It is important to know that there are two different types when it comes to association, consisting of serial association and association in parallel. If it is the association of contacts, it is very common and advisable to have a detailed table with all possible combinations techtop cb3-al-tf-56c-2-b-d-2 between the contacts. The same is called truth table. It is important to note that in the serial combination, the load can only be triggered at the instant these two contacts are activated and is known as the E function. In the parallel combination, any of the activated contacts activate the load, being called a function OR.

In the association of normally closed contacts, the NF contacts can likewise be found in series and parallel. In the same way, the association in parallel is called a non-E function. Thus, in the same way to change a wheel in a car that is pierced, it is necessary to know the proper tools and their electrical commands in detail, in order to understand the operation of a circuit , knowing the appropriate elements. The main difference is in the fact that in large panels there are buses with large capacity, which can expose people to situations of possible risks.