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Color classification in the chromatic circle

Find out below how to classify the colors in the color circle to make it easier to choose the
colors of paints for floors, for wood or for any other place in the house. Check out!
Primary colors
They are blue, yellow and red; they receive this name because they give rise to the other
colors. As in the children’s school, when we mixed colors of gouache. They can be combined
with neutral tones such as gray, white, black, wood and brown tones.
House colors primary wall colors
Newton painters house
The colors of wall or furniture paints can be primary and vibrant. Enzo Sobocinski’s project
Decoration primary colors – paint colors
More discreet, the colors of primary paints need not be wall colors, but in point elements.
Secondary colors
Orange, Green and Purple. Mixing between two primaries (yellow + red = orange, etc.). They
can be combined with tertiary colors, neutral colors or combined tone-by-tone for paint colors.
In the decorative design below, the colors of secondary paints orange and green have been
harmonized in the external area.