Induction Motor Life

The induction motor is a sturdy, simple-to-use machine, and if you do not take care of worn parts such as brushes and bearings, their service life will depend almost exclusively on the life of the insulation material. Insulation material is affected by many factors such as temperature, air humidity, vibrations, mechanical stresses, corrosive environments and others. Among the factors determining the life of the insulator, one of the most important is the working temperature. When the engine life decreases, we refer to the high temperatures in which the insulation “burns” and the winding is quickly destroyed.

Insulation life is considered at the working temperature, which is lower than the firing temperature of the insulation material dodge bearings and refers to the gradual aging of the insulation, which is becoming dry, losing the insulating power until it no longer supports the applied voltage and produce short circuit. Daily experience verifies that the insulation has a virtually unlimited duration if its temperature and other conditions are kept within limits, otherwise the insulation life will become shorter and shorter.