Which is much more practical, easier and faster.

Another advantage of acrylic paint is its short drying time. That’s why you don’t
need to live with the strong smell of paint or stay away from your room for a
long time.
Plus, it’s also washable. That way you can wash your wall worry-free. Thus, it is
a great outlet for those who like their surfaces always clean. For this reason,
acrylic paint is recommended for damp areas of the house, such as kitchen and
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But outdoor areas also welcome this type very well. As a bonus, you don’t have
to worry about fading. Thanks to the acrylic resins found in the formula of this
paint, the product becomes highly waterproof. Also water-based, Latex paint is
only found with a matte finish. Despite having the same base as acrylic, it has
low washability. It also has little resistance to sunlight. However, it is the
Latex paint, also called PVA, is indicated for surfaces that do not need constant
maintenance, such as ceilings or interior walls. Furthermore, it can be used on
masonry, plaster and wood.